keskiviikkona, joulukuuta 06, 2006

Just in a War Around 1944

A foggy gentleman poured
down my throat
down his essential weaponry
Maid trheatened the partiotic few
by scalp and scarf

Just about like that it was

No one liked to see an aeroplane
They all fled with desire
to buy a throat, shed a boat
Meter was short as a second
on the edge of a peel

Just like that, they fled

Jug was emptied in a moment
fill-up waited for the way
East looked flamy, down we went
halfway she turned and saw
My, it burns! It burns!

We just never knew the war

Knit a car and a house
wear them until February snow
cans open and smell
Borderland crosses minds
and silence gets a name

I still do have a lot

Cake is watermelt
she drinks at roofboots
Wasps and doctors move around
where the plane grain food

(for my grandparents, veterans-of-war)

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